The Secret to Making Fresh and Succulent Fried Chicken

Chicken is an incredibly versatile meat that can taste mouth-wateringly good when cooked correctly. If you own a takeaway or restaurant, you'll understand that chicken is a popular meat for Britons and it's incredibly important to get the recipe and cooking method right.

When you own an independent takeaway, pub, or restaurant you'll need to stand out from the crowd in order compete against other mainstream companies, and one way to do this is with the quality of your food; your company simply needs to produce moist and flavoursome chicken that can't be found at any other food establishment. Luckily, perfect fried chicken is easy to achieve if you have the right equipment; a counter top pressure fryer is the saviour your kitchen needs, as it is built with efficiency in mind. With a Kuroma Pressure Fryer, delicious chicken is only minutes away and your customers will be flocking to your door for another serving.

Why you need to use a chicken pressure fryer

Returning customers make a food business successful and great tasting chicken could be the secret behind this. Here are four reasons why a counter top pressure fryer is the solution for those wondering how to make fresh, succulent chicken:

Pressure Fryer

1. Food retains nutrients and moisture

Cooking chicken in a conventional fryer has many downsides; it's easy to overcook the chicken, leaving customers dissatisfied by the bland flavour of the dry meat. However, due to the shorter cooking time in a pressure fryer, chicken tends to be much more succulent as the unique cooking method allows it to retain its moisture. As well as retaining more moisture, the chicken won't lose as many nutrients during the cooking process, which is a much healthier way to consume the fried chicken without compromising taste.

2. Reduced cooking time

Time is of the essence in the food industry, especially if you own a takeaway where customers expect quality results as quickly as possible. Luckily, a pressure fryer is renowned for its short cooking time, able to cook chicken safely and quickly so you can deliver delicious food to customers in record time. A typical Kuroma pressure fryer can cook between 2.2 - 3kg of chicken in around 15 minutes without compromising taste.

3. Can be used on any counter top

No matter how big or small your independent restaurant or takeaway is, there will always be a Kuroma appliance to cater to your needs. The Kuroma XL is suitable for smaller shops with less kitchen space available; the compact size sits more discreetly in your kitchen but is still capable of cooking up to 2.2 kg of chicken. The Kuroma BXL is for establishments with a higher order demand as the larger device is capable of cooking up to 3kg of chicken; as your company grows you should consider investing in a larger Kuroma pressure fryer to cope with the demand.

4. An efficient cooking appliance

Chefs know how chaotic the kitchen can be; it's easy to find yourself drowning in pans, tongs, and uncleaned greasy counters. However, a counter top pressure fryer was built with efficiency in mind so you can focus on cooking tasty food. The appliances are easy to clean and also efficiently retain a lot of their heat, leaving the kitchen feeling much cooler and more comfortable to work in.


How to make fresh and succulent chicken

Fried Chicken

A chicken pressure fryer is easy to set up and use; the device also allows you to be creative with your chicken flavours.

Simply switch on your device and allow it to heat up until it reaches 165ºC; this should take around 20 minutes. During this time, prepare your unique breading mix using a combination of flour, herbs, and spices that will make your chicken taste better than anything the competition has to offer; you could even consider adding bread crumbs to give your chicken an extra crispy finish. Keep experimenting with different combinations and changing up your menu to keep your customers on their toes.

Once the oil has reached the optimum temperature, carefully lower the chicken pieces into the oil one at a time. Make sure to replace the lid after inserting each piece so that the device can retain its heat and efficiently cook the chicken to succulent perfection. Check back on the chicken after 15 minutes, ensuring that the chicken is white and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Chicken isn't the only thing you can cook in a Kuroma pressure fryer; it's also capable of cooking fries or wedges. Add theses sides to the oil so your customer can enjoy yummy chips with a crispy outside and a soft, fluffy inside.

What are you waiting for? A Kuroma pressure fryer is the secret weapon you need to make really delicious chicken that customers will crave.

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