Why should you choose Inker coffee cups?

Everyone deserves to have items in their kitchen (or dining room) that are as much about pleasure, as they are about purpose. The same applies to commercial kitchens!

In fact, having things of beauty that offer practical uses can be an important part of your brand identity; a way to stand out from competitors.

These are just some of the reasons to opt for Inker coffee sets. They will help you to get the attention of your customers, but the chances are you will also enjoy having them around too!


Coffee cups that match every occasion and type

Inker Coffee Cups

One of the reasons Inker cups and saucers should be appearing on a shelf near you is that they can be colour matched to your café, coffee shop, tea room or restaurant with ease.

The range comes in a brilliant array of sharp colours, covering its “Luna” cups, and “Mocca” mugs, with matching saucers. Which leads to an important point; who says that your hospitality business’ coffee cups and saucers have to be the same colour? The Inker colour chart gives you a chance to be a maverick, and get your cups and saucers complementing each other or clashing if it helps build your edge.

Does size matter? In coffee catering circles this is where the rules are pretty much adhered to. Which means you will want your cups and mugs to be appropriate to the most popular coffee drink types.

The Inker range of porcelain tableware offers everything from ideally dimensioned espresso cups to vessels that hold the perfect large latte.

Not that Inker cups are solely for coffee devotees, as some of the larger products in the range are a joy for Britain’s tea fans too. Growing demand for speciality teas can be matched with especially colourful and smart tableware.

If having a contemporary design is most important to you, then with Inker products your cup runneth over. The shapes are truly eye-catching.

However, when you look more closely you will also see the brand’s more subtle advantages. Inker items are manufactured using high-grade materials, and employ expertise to create a flawless finish. They are also designed to be durable and an investment in coffee cups that stand the test of time (and clumsy customers).


Passionate about coffee? Why Inker is the perfect receptacle!

Inker items are the must-have cups and saucers for anyone who takes coffee making (and drinking) “seriously”. If that’s you, then you’re far from alone!

According to figures from the British Coffee Association (BCA), the amount of coffee consumed in the UK has increased by 25 million cups in the past decade, to an amazing 95 million cups a day! 

This is partly as we are fortunate to have access to far more choice of coffee beans, granules and powders for our vast array of at-home percolators, grinders and other machinery.

However, the compelling need to consume coffee has also fuelled the UK’s wonderful array of cafes and specialist outlets. Why stay at home to create a tasty beverage when you have an army of baristas out there with the skills to “go one better”?

The coffee shop sector is now valued £10.1bn in the UK, after 20 years of steady growth. That’s well over 25,000 outlets, serving up coffee on high streets and village squares across the land. (source)

You can also select barista-inspired beverages - and top up your caffeine levels - in supermarkets, service stations, airports, book shops and garages of course.

The passion to pay for “posh” coffee drinks shows no signs of slacking, so craft your competitive edge by selecting Inker coffee sets. Not least as the cups are designed to keep your brew at the optimum temperature, with limited heat transference to your hand!


Who is behind the Inker brand?

Inker Coffee Cups

Let’s take a closer look at Inker coffee products, and why they're commercial tableware items to be enjoyed for many years.

The Inker range is the brainchild of long-standing porcelain manufacturer INKERPOR LTD. The Croatian firm supplies its respected tableware to restaurants, hotels, hospitals and retailers across the world, each year crafting between three and four million in-demand items.

One of the manufacturing “secrets” to the range’s hardwearing benefits include the fact all Inker porcelain tableware is double fired at high temperature (1,400°C ). This gives the finish a high degree of resistance to scratches and heat-shock but also brings that trademark stunning glaze.

We’re not suggesting you test this, but Inker coffee cups and saucers are hard and highly robust and can withstand some “hard labour”, even though they are a thing of beauty and lightweight to handle.

You can see the range of Inker coffee cups in our Manchester store or shop online for fast free courier delivery on orders over £50.

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