Flavoured Oil - the Perfect Gift

Flavoured oils are an exciting and simple way of adding an extra layer of yummy goodness to dishes. They can be used during the cooking process, to add flavour whilst frying ingredients to ensure that they are infused throughout the dish, or alternatively can be provided on the table, allowing dinner guests to add an extra kick to their meals, with the freedom to use as much or as little as they please depending on their own personal tastes.

Whilst flavoured oils are available in many major supermarkets, they can be expensive and don’t always offer the full-bodied, enticing hints of flavour that one might hope for. As a result, you might want to consider making your own flavoured oils, thereby saving you money and giving you control over the flavours you create. The process is relatively simple, and the oils you produce can act as a thoughtful, personalised gift, suitable for all occasions. We’ve provided a handy recipe and some pointers for how to go about making your own, allowing you to give the gift of flavour.

Shop Oil Bottles What You Will Need To Make Flavoured Oil

- Fresh or dried herbs, depending on the flavours you wish to create
- A light cooking oil, such as vegetable or virgin olive oil
- A wooden roller
- A saucepan
- A strainer or coffee filter
- A bottle for storing (check out our fantastic range of stylish and functional bottles)

The Method

1. Begin by preparing your ingredients – if you need to wash your herbs, you should allow them enough time to dry afterwards, as any water will prevent them from fully interacting with the oil – this might take several hours, so don’t forget to allow yourself sufficient time. The quantities you use will depend on the amount of oil and level of flavour you want to produce, but as a rule, three tablespoons of herbs works well per cup of oil.
2. To release the full potential of your herbs’ flavours, lightly bruise them using a wooden roller.
3. Place the oil and herbs into a saucepan and heat them on a medium-low heat, stirring frequently, for about five minutes. It’s essential that you make sure that the oil does not smoke, as this will have negative consequences on its flavour. If this happens, remove it from the heat to allow the temperature to drop.
4. Once this is complete, carefully pour your oil into a bottle to cool.
5. If you used fresh herbs, strain them from the oil once it has cooled, and transfer the remaining oil into a new bottle, to preserve its freshness.
6. When the oils are fully cooled, seal the bottles with a lid or cork to keep the flavour contained and store them in a cool spot, out of direct sunlight.

Choosing Your Herbs

If you’re giving the flavoured oil as a gift, try to think about the kind of flavours and dishes that the person for whom you are creating it enjoys. If they are particularly fond of Italian food, for example, you might want to go for an oil flavoured with Italian herbs, such as basil and oregano. If you think they’ll enjoy a spicy kick to their meals, then dried chillies are an excellent choice, and you can tailor the levels of heat that the oil will deliver by selecting different species of chilli.

Giving Your Gift a Finishing Touch

To make your flavoured oils extra special, you’ll want to present them in a bottle which is both functional and looks great. Our range of tableware is ideal for achieving just this, with carefully selected products which will act as a stylish addition to any kitchen or dinner table. Many of these come with specially designed pourer features, making it easy to add oils to dishes.

You might also want to add additional decorations, such as personalised, handwritten labels, or ribbon to give your gift a colourful pop. Twine wrapped around the neck of the bottle is also a great way of lending your gift an artisanal, rustic feel. Furthermore, you might choose to add some of the remaining dried herbs to the oil itself – whole dried chillies, for example, look great when suspended in the oil.

Making homemade flavoured oils is an ideal way of showing loved ones that you care, or giving small businesses such as cafes and restaurants a homely, family feel. Why not have a go at making your own flavoured oils today, and see what taste sensations you can create?

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