Sizzler Plates and Bases (Get Sizzling with Cooksmill)

Preparing and serving meals is one of the great joys of both the professional and amateur kitchen. We all want our food to look and smell wonderful. When it is presented to us on a  sizzler plate then it becomes all the more appealing and appetising. Food is steaming hot, you get the full and fragrant aroma of the dish, and you hear that wonderful sizzle when a steak has been prepared. Above all, you want to eat the food.

It also has that wonderful added benefit of being able to take the sizzler plate straight from the kitchen to table, sharing with diners that the food has been made with care and attention to detail. This is why many restaurants now cook and serve their dishes on a sizzler plate with base. Carry on reading to learn about the different types of cuisine that can be created and served with a sizzler plate, plus the benefits of using a Sheesham base.

The sizzler plate was made for sharing

The sizzler plate is at the heart of sharing food at the table and the great news is that you can cook pretty much any dish on one. Here we share some of the most popular types of cuisine that are used when cooking with a sizzler plate.

Fish Sizzler Plate

Fish Sizzler Plate

Fish is often cooked on a sizzler plate as it can be cooked in the oven and then finished on the stove or under a grill. This is useful as it prevents the fish from drying out while helping to achieve a crispy skin. Use a  fish sizzler plate to seal the fish or you can use the sizzler plate to create a wonderful fish curry.

Pizza Sizzler Plate

Pizza Sizzler Pan

You can buy  pizza sizzler plates that come with a Sheesham base that are specifically designed for cooking and serving pizza. These sizzler plates come with a handle that makes them easy to move from oven to table.

Steak Sizzler Plate

Steak Sizzler Plate

One of the most popular reasons for owning a sizzler plate at home, and the top reason why restaurants use them, is that they are perfect for  serving steak. When brought to the table the steak will continue to cook and diners will hear that sizzle of hot steak. It really does add that special touch to any steak dish.

Indian Food

Indian food

You can serve a variety of dishes on a  sizzler plate. In most cases food is served in a deeper plate that comes with a Sheesham base so that the dish can be served straight from the plate. Therefore, a round, deep sizzler plate is best. Any type of curry can be cooked, including chicken and fish as rice and vegetables can be added directly to the plate once the meat has been seared and cooked.

Mexican Food

Mexican food

If you own a  sizzler plate then you must try cooking fajitas. This spiced chicken and steak dish that is combined with grilled peppers and onions is so easy to cook on the sizzler plate. It's quick to cook and you get that wonderful sizzling sound.

Benefits of a Sheesham base

Most  sizzler plates plates come with a Sheesham wooden base which enables the plate to be taken straight to the table. But why use a Sheesham base? Well, this type of wood has so many benefits.

It is made from one piece of wood and because of this it will not crack or split when under the extreme heat of the sizzler plate.

Sheesham wood is also non-porous, meaning that it won't easily mark, stain or harbour food smells.

This type of wood is incredibly durable, making it perfect for the busy restaurant when these bases will be used several times a day. If bought for home use, then they will last you for years.

From a practical and hygiene point of view, these bases are also very easy to wash and clean. For instance, they won't warp or rot when placed in water.

Finally, Sheesham wood is incredibly attractive. It looks nice and will add that professional touch when used for serving food to your customers.

Here at Cooksmill, we have a range of  sizzler plates and bases. They come in different sizes, shapes and depths, allowing you to cook every type of food to create your chosen dish. We even sell sizzler plates that are specifically made for cooking and serving pizza, and we have sizzler plates with dip holders and sizzler plates that are designed for cooking fish. To learn more about sizzler plates and bases from Cooksmill, then simply  browse our website today.


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