English Breakfast Day

Who doesn’t love a deliciously traditional English breakfast? Whether your favourite part is succulent sausage, perfectly crispy bacon or a side of tasty toast with a smidge of marmalade, everyone enjoys this classic spread. Otherwise known as a fry up, we celebrate this true national treasure of a dish on 2nd December – which is officially English Breakfast Day!

We thought we would use this as an opportunity to learn more about the nation’s favourite breakfast, and discover how you can make your own celebration of it truly exceptional.

The First Full English

Believe it or not, the English breakfast hasn’t always been an institution. And yet, as it dates back as far as the 1300s, it is one of the oldest national dishes we know. While breakfast for the workers in the Middle Ages was often a less than sensational porridge or bread and ale, designed to keep them sustained until dinner, the upper classes developed the idea of a more lavish affair.

The gentry of the 14th century were the first to believe that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. They put on breakfast feasts in their great houses, extending a welcome to passing visitors who wanted to partake in the delicious dishes. Anglo Saxon recipes were used – you can bet those plates were filled with foods a little different than the modern fry up.

The English Standard

English Breakfast

English breakfasts carried on being a passion of the wealthy into the Victorian era. They took their inspiration from the Anglo Saxon gentry and created a refined meal, which was seen as the most civilised way to begin one’s day. It still was mainly seen as a style of eating for those who could afford to enjoy a leisurely sit-down meal – not yet common among the working classes.

In Edwardian times, the English breakfast became more widely enjoyed. It would look a little more familiar to a modern eye – and was served anywhere from hotels to train carriages, and helped with the beginnings of the ‘bed and breakfast’ as we now know it. The wealthy still enjoyed their languid and elegant breakfasts, but the ‘common’ English breakfast was also born.

Here is where the standard ingredients began to take shape. These included bacon, eggs, tomatoes, toast, fried bread, baked beans, sausages and black pudding. They were also served with tea and coffee, and even orange juice made an appearance.

The middle classes were early adopters of this meal, seeing it as a great way to gain energy for their workday. However, the working classes weren’t far behind.

By the 1950s, not only was the English breakfast seen as a staple of working life, it was also being served in ‘greasy spoon’ cafes all over the country.

How Did English Breakfast Day Begin?

English Breakfast Day began in 1975 in order to celebrate this delicious dish all over the globe. This means that everybody can enjoy the rich history and heritage associated with this widely loved meal.

There is an incredible range of variations when it comes to the English breakfast – whether you would rather leave black pudding off your plate or add an extra flourish with some avocado or garlic mushrooms, the idea behind this day remains the same. Supporting the traditional chefs, farmers and butchers who create this icon of English culinary culture.

Make Your Breakfast Beautiful

Shop Frying Pans

You will want to make and enjoy an incredible breakfast. Wherever you come from, you will have your own regional or national twist on the English breakfast. If you want to have a real celebration, don’t end up scraping burned bits of your old pan – grab a brand new Frying Pan, where you can easily cook all your favourites. Or for larger catering businesses how about a new electric griddle to take the hard work out of cooking.

Make this a truly exceptional treat by laying your table as you would for any special occasion. It’s what the landed gentry and Victorian upper classes would have wanted from this incredible day. Serve your tea in a Beautiful Teapot in a range of colours, styles and materials to suit your tablecloth or kitchen style. If you’re cooking for a group, choose a stylish Alchemy Coast Coffee Pot and celebrate our national love affair with coffee as well as tea.

For those looking at take out breakfasts we have a large range of disposable takeaway containers. Paper food boxes would be ideally suited to a fried breakfast keeping everything crispy with the added bonus of been environmentally friendly too.

So remember – on 2nd December, you have a special reason to serve a fantastic fry up for a very special breakfast!

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