The need for takeaways is not diminishing. Its growing!

If the COVID-19 pandemic has proven anything, it’s that the UK's hospitality industry will find ways to adapt and survive in the toughest of circumstances. Since the country went into lockdown back in March, restaurants, pubs and cafes up and down the country have found ways to transition to takeaway and delivery services in order for their businesses to survive.

This has had a major impact on consumer trends. A study by High Speed Training found over half of the British public were ordering more takeaways for the purpose of supporting local businesses and their workers, while nearly 1 in 5 of us would be willing to try a new takeaway service that became available during lockdown.

And while your business may now be able to welcome back guests to your establishment, being able to provide a takeaway service should still be playing a vital role in your post-COVID business model.


Why are takeaway services still vital?

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Although food establishments may now be able to take customer bookings, social distancing rules have meant that many have had to drastically reduce their capacity, while others are still struggling to adapt their space at all for sit down bookings. The result is that many customers are now dying to return to their cafes and restaurants but finding it near on possible to book tables. And there has also been a huge problem with restaurants suffering from an unprecedented amount of no shows due to customers desperately booking tables that they can’t fully commit to.

For many businesses, this means that reopening their doors has been far from the miracle they were hoping for. For many, reopening has meant having to remove staff from the furlough scheme and pay for their overheads without their usual revenue streams to fall back on. All these factors mean that food establishments are still heavily reliant on their takeaway services in order to meet their bottom line. And without them, their future still looks very much uncertain.


How can you reassure customers through your takeaway service?

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The huge selection of disposable packaging available means that takeaways can offer customers the reassurance that their food is uncontaminated by the product it’s delivered in.

No matter what your business serves, the chances are that there is an appropriate disposable container that will enable you to offer a takeaway service. Hot and cold drink cups are available in different sizes along with secure lids to stop spillages. There are pint-size options which are a great option for pubs who are looking to diversify by offering takeaway drinks now that capacity is likely to be limited. There is also a wide range of cutlery available that will allow you to adapt your menu to suit a delivery service.

The versatility of aluminium containers makes them a great choice for both hot and cold food and for anything that is at risk of leaking in transport. They are available in many shapes and sizes to suit your needs and also lend themselves to customers ordering multiple items so that they can freeze them and enjoy them later.

But there are also biodegradable options so that you can make sure that you are continuing to support sustainable business initiatives and reassuring your eco-conscious customers. Pizza boxes, lunchboxes and sturdy palm plates are all available to transport your food effectively and give your customers something quality to eat from when it arrives at their home.

For many customers, these disposable options give them the reassurance that they are not going to come into contact with any type of contamination in a way they might with regular restaurant serving equipment.



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