Looking Inside Modern Bakeware, and the Efficiency Secrets it Holds

The technological advances that have transformed most business sectors have had little effect on commercial bakery enterprises and prolific cake makers. For them, traditional recipes, creative skills and use of quality ingredients are the linchpins of sales success.

However, there is one item that the best bakery businesses have discovered, which binds together the traditional baking values that matter with scientific thinking: contemporary bakeware!


The leading designers and manufacturers of professional-grade bakeware utilise the latest thinking on materials alongside ergonomic design principles. From this, they produce items that offer important benefits that have changed the face of this vital kitchen equipment.

Gone are the days when bakeware was limited in scope and entirely about form and function.

Now, commercial enterprises and domestic baking enthusiasts have an incredibly wide choice in terms of size, shape and structure, within purpose-designed baking “vessels”. You can also buy cookware and bakeware to match your own individual preferences and business aims.

Silicone v aluminium debate

For example, cake tins for professional bakers – or amateurs who want only the best – now come in a variety of materials. So, you can buy the bakeware that ticks all the right boxes from your perspective.

If you wouldn’t dream of cake making in anything other than aluminium bakeware, the products of the highest quality are available to support that choice. Long-term fans of aluminium feel its heat transfer qualities have never been improved on.

However, other bakers are converts to the merits of silicone bakeware. This far more modern variation of bakeware provides a high level of natural release and greater versatility. Some would argue it is also easier to clean too. However, critics feel the heat conducting properties of silicone are not as effective.

BakewareHow bakeware is made matters – not just what it is made of

There are cheap aluminium and silicone products for sale, many of which come from overseas, if price is the only thing that matters.

Most professional cake makers, bakery businesses and amateur cooks know that the modern emphasis on “best fit for purpose” trumps low cost.

They understand that return on investment comes from owning kitchen equipment that functions flawlessly and underpins operational efficiency. They also want bakeware and other accessories that last for a long time. Durability even from intense usage is high up on many businesses' priority lists.

Fortunately, manufacturers such as Mason Cash and Master Class understand the motivations and needs of modern bakery businesses and cake designers. Which is why Cooksmill has formed a strong working relationship with these prestigious names and other suppliers of “intelligent” bakeware and accessories.

Cooksmill brings you products from the leading brands because they have made a “science” out of adding intrinsic value to everyday items that protect product quality and comply with food safety regulations.

This includes only using materials and shapes that spread heat evenly throughout the contents. Or, in the case of cooling mats and racks use designs that are precisely crafted to optimise airflow around baked goods.

Bakeware product efficiency is also about pressures on time, something Cooksmill partners understand well. Which is why the items we stock are crafted to make it as easy as possible for professional chefs, bakery staff and prolific home bakers to release products from cooking vessels swiftly and smoothly, and then clean them for next use without any issues.

In other words, you can rely on companies like Mason Cash and Master Class to manufacture bakeware products that improve not just the finished results that can be achieved on each edible – but to also underpin productivity across your entire business operations.

End to end efficiency

Taking a typical day in the life of a baking business producing cakes of consistent quality with seamless efficiency, how would Cooksmill support your business success?

Your food prep and mixing could benefit from optimum temperature and quality control using Mason and Cash bowls. These are shaped specifically to help commercial kitchen operations, with flawless finishes and shapes to make their use and cleaning easy.

Selecting aluminium cake tins from the Alan Silverwood Bakeware range we stock then provides you with creative choice, but also a transparent level of bakeware integrity.

When out of the oven, multiple cakes can be cooling at the same time, on a non-stick Tala 3 Tier Cake Cooling Rack.

Then, you can put your cake or cakes on a variety of different boards, drums and stands, ready for the perfect finish. The cutters, piping bags, nozzles, cookie presses and other decorating items we stock should keep even the most creative of cake makers happy!

Of course, we also stock packaging for cakes to ensure that your products make it to customers intact and looking professional and appetising.

Call us, or browse our online bakeware range, for more insights and information on small items of equipment that can help your bakery business boom.

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