Silverwood Bakeware

Cooksmill offers a range of Silverwood bakeware that is built with quality, and elegance. Renowned for their impeccable design and exceptional performance, our Silverwood bakeware pieces are carefully crafted to empower you with the tools to achieve baking perfection and create culinary delights that will leave a lasting impression.

Premium Craftsmanship

Indulge in the unparalleled quality and durability of Silverwood bakeware. Each piece is designed with precision and expertise, using the finest materials and techniques. Made from heavy-gauge aluminium, this bakeware provides exceptional strength and resilience, ensuring it withstands the demands of rigorous baking while maintaining its structural integrity. With Silverwood bakeware, you can rely on the utmost quality and longevity, empowering you to pursue your baking passion with confidence.

Even Heat Distribution

Silverwood bakeware has exceptional heat distribution. The superior conductivity of aluminium ensures that heat is evenly distributed throughout the bakeware, promoting consistent and uniform baking results. 

Non-Reactive Surface

Preserve the purity of your baked goods with Silverwood's non-reactive bakeware surface. The aluminium construction creates a non-porous barrier that prevents any chemical reaction with ingredients, ensuring the flavours and textures of your bakes remain intact. This feature is especially beneficial for delicate creations such as meringues, souffle, and custards, allowing them to shine without any unwanted metallic aftertaste.

Exceptional Release and Easy Cleaning

The ease and convenience of Silverwood bakeware's exceptional release and effortless cleaning are unparalleled. The aluminium surface promotes a naturally non-stick environment, allowing your creations to effortlessly release from the bakeware, without the need for excessive greasing or flouring. Cleaning up is a breeze too, as the non-reactive surface resists staining and is easy to wipe clean. 

Versatile Design

Unleash your creativity and culinary artistry with the versatility of Silverwood bakeware. Our collection features a range of sizes and shapes, from classic round and rectangular cake pans to speciality moulds and tins for tarts, flans, bread, and more. Whether you're baking a show-stopping celebration cake or experimenting with intricate pastries, our Silverwood bakeware provides the perfect canvas for your imaginative creations.

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