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Cornware offer high quality biodegradable tableware and disposables with a low carbon footprint that helps you embrace a green lifestyle at a low price. Customers are increasingly aware of the impact disposable plastics have on the environment, having a green choice will help boost sales. Cornware is made from Origo which is a corn starch based bioplastic which is 100% biodegradable. Cornware products are also up to 68% carbon-neutral when incinerated, reducing the amount of greenhouse gases significantly. Microwaveable and freezable they can withstand temperatures of -20°c to +150°c. They are strong and durable making them the perfect replacement for standard plastic products.

Cornware Cutlery

Cornware’s disposable biodegradable cutlery comes in a range of colours including white, black and green allowing you to choose the colour that compliments your business. Their ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures makes them suitable for everything from ice cream to hot soup.

Cornware Takeaway Containers

Cornware have a large range of takeaway containers including plates, soup bowls, lunch boxes, burger boxes, dessert bowls and bento boxes. If you own a takeaway, concession or out door catering business promote your green credentials and boost sales with choosing Cornware.

Why Cornware?

Cornware is very affordable, it is competitively prices compared to plastic tableware. Unlike PLA (another popular biodegradable material) it can with stand much higher temperatures. PLA can only withstand temperatures up to 60°C where Cornware is safe up to 150°C. It’s also a good alternative to paper. Paper must come from sustainably managed forests to ethically be considered a green product. Paper also includes in it’s processing the process of bleaching to achieve the colour customers expect, this can unleash dangerous chemicals into water ways and the environment. Cornware is not only the affordable choice it’s also the practical and ethical choice.

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