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Vinyl Disposable Gloves


Our vinyl glove range provides a perfect allergy-free alternative to traditional latex gloves.

Our Vinyl glove range includes both powered and powder-free options for allergy suffers. As our vinyl gloves are latex-free, they are an excellent allergy-free alternative to household latex gloves.

The gloves also grip even when wet which make them excellent whilst performing messy industrial tasks. Made from high grade Polyvinyl Chloride, vinyl gloves are a simple and effective glove, ideal for clinical, automotive and food processing use. Being latex free, they are perfect for latex allergy sufferers.

Our range of Vinyl Gloves are high-quality and have a beaded cuff making them tear resistant when pulling them on. These gloves are perfect for food preparation areas as they are certified food safe.

Although the Pal blue high-quality vinyl gloves are made from high-quality material and will last throughout most tasks, the gloves are not designed for extended use. But the quick and easy disposal capabilities mean that these gloves are perfect for most busy environments. 

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