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Our aluminium double boilers provide unparalleled heat distribution, allowing for precise and gentle cooking results. The high-quality aluminium construction ensures efficient and even heat transfer, eliminating hot spots and minimising the risk of scorching delicate ingredients.

Our double boilers offer precision control over gentle heating, allowing you to melt chocolate, prepare delicate sauces, and cook sensitive ingredients with confidence. The specially designed heat-resistant handles and precise temperature control ensure optimal cooking conditions and prevent overheating, enabling you to achieve perfect results every time.

These double boilers offer versatility beyond basic heating tasks. From melting chocolate and making custards to preparing delicate soups and sauces, these double boilers cater to a wide range of culinary applications.

They feature a two-pot design, with a water-filled bottom pot providing indirect heat to the upper pot. This setup ensures gentle and controlled heating, preventing scorching and allowing for delicate ingredient handling.

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