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Aluminium Competent Pots

Quality aluminium cooking pots are a staple within any catering environment and our handy cooking pots with lids will make a valuable addition to any commercial kitchen. Made from lightweight aluminium, these cooking pots are easy to use and will heat food rapidly thanks to the highly conductive properties of aluminium.

Choosing these aluminium cooking pots will offer commercial kitchens versatility when cooking small portions of food while the lid ensures the heat can be kept within the pan during the cooking process. Along with this, the lids allow the pans to be moved from one location within a kitchen to another with a limited risk of spills and accidents.

Aluminium cooking pots are designed to be lightweight additions to commercial kitchen locations, offering versatile cooking options at the same time as being simple to use. This aluminium No 1 pot is a small piece of equipment that is straightforward to clean and easy to carry thanks to the two handles on either side. It also comes with an easy grab lid to make it easier for kitchen assistants and chefs to keep an eye on what’s cooking.

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