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Aluminium 803 Heavy Duty Cookware 

Our 803 heavy duty cookware range is designed for use in big busy commercial kitchens and restaurants and comes in a variety of sizes and capacities. They are ideal for cooking a range of foods in big batches like lasagne, chilli, rigatoni or even curries. They are also great for cooking large batches of potatoes before roasting or boiling vegetables for Sunday lunches.

Our casserole pots/boiling pots have excellent durability, performance and quality. The heavy-duty casserole pots are made from the highest quality aluminium. They are made to a commercial grade to ensure it will last for many years to come. Each casserole pot has a thick ground base which ensures heat is spread evenly and prevents burning. The Cooksmill casserole pot offers flexible cooking options. They can be used on the hob and the oven enabling you to sear meat on the hob and then transfer to the oven for slow cooking. It’s the perfect cooking pot for brisket, stews or rice bakes that make great quick-service menu items in pubs and restaurants.

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