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Iron Bakeware

Iron baking trays are extremely robust and durable making them perfect for withstanding daily use even in the busiest of kitchens, whilst also promoting efficiency, speed and ease of use. Iron sheets have a range of uses and are a crucial asset for catering purposes in any kitchen environment. Mostly, Iron sheets have been designed to provide even heat distribution and therefore ensuring excellent results.

Properties and Advantages

Iron has a number of fantastic properties that has made it a staple of most kitchens for decades. Seen in both domestic and commercial kitchens, Iron cookware is generally durable and stackable which makes it easy to store. Iron also has a smooth surface finish, which makes cleaning after use a piece of cake, saving time and money.

Iron possesses some great properties for catering purposes. Iron is excellent for distributing heat evenly and gently which ensures for a much more precise and even bake/cook. Good heat distribution ensures that different items cooked using the bakeware does not cook faster/ slower than others, reducing the chance of burning or undercooking. Iron can also withstand extremely high temperatures, preventing the sheet from warping or melting during use.

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