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Wham Box Options for Everything

Wham boxes are incredibly versatile, with options available for every usage and size requirement. The company actually trades under the name of What More UK and is a proudly British company in operation for several decades. Thanks to their innovative plastic storage development, they have quickly become one of the premier British manufacturers, whether you’re looking for a packup container or a lunch box. The Whambox range includes small food containers through to upright food storage dispensers and large 10L Wham boxes designed to hold extensive amounts of food or your kitchen utensils if you’re a mobile caterer. There is a Wham box for everything.

Choose Wham Boxes for Your Business

Quality storage options are vital for any catering business. If food isn’t stored in airtight and sturdy containers, it is at risk and so, therefore, is your business. Every Wham container is designed to be of practical use in fast-paced environments. They come with clip lids for security and moulded lids for easy access. Every element of a Wham box has been developed specifically with the end user in mind, meaning that they are both simple to use and attractive to have on a shelf. That allows them to be used in customer-facing environments as well as in kitchens.

Wham Container Options at Home

The beauty of the Wham container range is that there are Wham boxes to fulfil multiple purposes around the home. A Wham box can be used as an excellent lunch box, while the larger storage boxes are ideal for under bed plastic storage. One of the innovative elements of Wham box development processes is that the company are committed to helping the environment by creating plastic storage that is as reusable as possible. That’s why their Wham boxes of all shapes and sizes are designed to last.

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