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Aravan food storage containers come in a range to suit your needs from a simple storage box to a 60 litre commercial food storage box with wheels, sturdy handle and permanent labelling. Araven have been the choice of commercial kitchen for over 20 years.

The food storage boxes come in both transparent and white plastic. Transparent boxes are best for in kitchen use where you want to quickly see the contents of the box. White storage boxes are designed for use where the food is to be transported such as to an outdoor catering event. Araven have a 40 litre box 830 x 460 x 180mm which is ideal for transporting finished products such as sandwiches or cakes.

Made from polypropylene Araven’s commercial food storage boxes will give long lasting service. Polypropylene can withstand a large range of temperatures from -40 degrees C to +90 degrees C meaning you can use the same container from the hob to the freezer without cracking, misshaping or warping.

Araven’s innovative approach to food identification includes both an integrated label system and colour clips. Their commercial food storage containers includes an integrated food label to comply with trackability regulations without the need to buy separate adhesive identification labels. They also include colour clips on many of their boxes which help identify the type of food being held such as red meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and allergens.

Also available are Araven’s flexible silicone lids which can adapt to fit different surfaces and materials to cover all kinds of bowls, pans and plates including polypropylene, polycarbonate, steel, porcelain, glass and more.



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