Chopping Boards

Chopping boards are used for a variety of kitchen tasks, including but not limited to cutting and slicing food, mincing garlic and herbs, preparing dough and serving food. Chopping boards protect countertops from damage caused by knives. They can also help to prevent cross-contamination by providing a separate surface for cutting raw meat and vegetables.

Here at Cooksmill, we have a wide range of chopping boards. We have chopping board accessories and storage racks, furthering the longevity and lifespan of your chopping board. We have glass chopping boards that are great for chopping a range of food, especially seafood, poultry and raw meat. Glass cutting boards do not require any oil treatment and have a non-porous surface, therefore are the best for cutting raw food. Additionally, we have wooden chopping boards. Wooden Chopping Boards are great for serving food as well and would make an attractive backdrop for cheese boards and other finger food presentations.

High density chopping boards are found in commercial kitchens and provide durable and resilient cutting surfaces for professional kitchen staff. They come in thicknesses of 1.2cm to 1.9cm, providing an excellent base for vigorous chopping. These high density boards are designed for frequent use and are able to withstand the rigours of busy kitchen environments. Low density chopping boards are an integral part of any kitchen set-up and these plastic boards are especially popular in small commercial kitchens, cafes and homes. Low density boards are more hygienic than wooden alternatives and help a kitchen live up to the hygienic standards expected.

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