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Paella is a rice-based dish, usually containing vegetables, chicken or seafood. It is usually made with a flavoursome stock that complements its ingredients. Traditionally the Paella Pan is taken to the table and the paella is served directly from the pan.

What are Paella Pans?

Paella pans originate from Spain, as does the dish it contains. A paella pan is usually wide, round, and shallow and has splayed sides. It has two looped handles and sometimes has a small dip in the middle so the oil can pool there for the preliminary sauteing. The shape of the pan, which is also called either a paella or paellera, helps ensure that the rice cooks in a thin layer. The Valencians say that the cooked rice should be the width of one finger (about 1/2 inch). The key is to maximize the amount of rice touching the bottom of the pan, where most of the flavour is. The paella pan does not have a lid, as the idea is that the liquid evaporates as the rice cooks.

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