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Oval Black Iron Indian Karahi Woks

Black Iron Karahi’s are round cooking pots with deep sides and a flat base that originated in the Indian subcontinent. Traditional Black Iron Karahi’s are used for shallow or deep frying and are especially famous for stews and curries, often named Karahi after the cooking pot. These Oval Black Iron Karahi's are great for cooking large amounts of food.

When your Karahi first arrives, it will be unseasoned and still have the manufacturer's protective coating. Before cooking on the pan, thoroughly remove any of the oil and coating on the pan. Once dry, wipe the Karahi with a thin layer of oil using a clean cloth. Then, turn the heat up on your hob and burn this oil off. After this, your Karahi is ready to season and use.

The bottom of the Karahi has a flat base, meaning the pan can cook, fry and pre-heat numerous dishes. The flat base also means the pan heats up quickly and stays hot in the centre. The handles also allow for the pan to be easily moved and carried, ideal for busy kitchens where the pan might need to move around the room between uses. The Karahi can also be used for serving food at the table, it is recommended you place it on a wooden platter that can withstand high heat to avoid damaging the table or the surface of the Karahi is still hot.

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