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Frying pans are great for frying almost any ingredient you can think of. Meat, vegetables, bread, pancakes and eggs can all be fried on a frying pan. Our frying pans are great for stirring and frying foods together, making them great for stir-fries too. Our frying pan are made from 18/4 stainless steel, which is mostly corrosion-resistant and stain-resistant. This is ideal for commercial kitchens that would see frequent use of the pan on high heat.

There’s a large variety of what can be fried on a frying pan, primarily it is used for quick cooking and crisp frying. We have both stainless steel frying pans and non-stick frying pans. A non-stick coating means things can be cooked quicker with less butter and oil. It saves time both on cooking and cleaning. Our pans are also suitable for induction, gas and electric cooking, making them a reliable and go-to pan, regardless of your cooking methods

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