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1/4 Stainless Steel Gastronorms 265 x 162mm

We have a large range of 1/4 GN pans. 1/4 GN pans are an essential piece of equipment in all professional catering kitchens. Stainless steel gastronorm pans are used from preparation to cooking to service. Cooksmills range of pans are made from high quality stainless steel in the same factory as many other more expensive trays. We bring the best quality pans at the best price direct to you the customer.

The solid bottom gastronorm trays can be used for storing a large range of foods from raw meats to prepared vegetables ready to cook. The 1/4 size is especially useful as many commercial fridges, freezers, prep counters and ovens are all made to be 1/4 compatible. This means you can marinade your vegetables in a 1/4GN pan overnight in the cold room, move it into the kitchen prep counter in the morning and use the same tray to cook it in the oven ready for your customers.

We also have a range of matching stainless steel lids, a bonus for busy venues looking for easy storage of the food and the GN pans.

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