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Araven’s food transport boxes are the ideal solution for anyone needing to transport food from one venue to another. Whether it’s outdoor catering, transporting produce or moving food between sites the Araven transport boxes will keep your food in perfect condition. Available in a range of 3 different sizes the boxes are available as 50 litre, 70 litre, or 90 litre containers. The larger 70 and 90 litre boxes come with tough polyamide wheels to make transportation easy.  The main feature of the Araven transportation boxes is their ventilation hatch. It guarantees circulation of air while the food is in transport allowing evaporation to be eliminated without condensation building up inside the box spoiling your food. This is especially important for foods with high water content such as fruit or vegetables. Metal side fasteners ensure the lids stay closed during transportation no matter how bumpy the road. Once your food has reached its destination there is no need to open the box to identify the contents. The Araven boxes come with a recess for content identification labels. In addition to the labels all the Araven’s boxes come with colorclip. These are plastic clips in red, green, yellow and blue which help to prevent cross contamination. You can easily identify poultry, red meat, fish, fruit, vegetables or allergens by the box. Ensuring the same product type always goes into the same transportation box helps to prevent cross contamination. When no in use the boxes are nestable optimising space when they are empty.

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