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The Churchill Stonecast Accents Petal Pink range is a subtle alternative to all over colour. Stonecast Accents incorporates white space into the iconic spinwash design. The colourway offers a soft pop of colour which is ideal for laid-back street food, vegan junk food or sweet desserts. Stonecast items are finished by hand, creating unique pieces that add to the overall rustic charm. Each piece is unique!

The Churchill Accents collections aim to bring a contemporary feel to the table while maintaining the rustic character of Stonecast. It's perfect for everyday dining or for fine dining establishments. Designed for hospitality the collection has underglaze decoration. This means that the designs are decorated under the glaze to create a protective layer to add lasting durability and improve performance during service. Super Vitrified is a vitreous body that does not absorb moisture, is more hygienic and has better heat retention properties. Its high resistance to thermal shock helps to reduce breakages.

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