Cleaning Cloths

Here at Cooksmill, we have a wide variety of cleaning cloths to suit different cleaning needs and tasks. Having the right cleaning cloth ensures that whatever you want to clean is done so in a professional and easy manner, and prevents unwanted scratches on crockery and glass.

Chamois Cloths

Chamois cloths are soft, absorbent cloths made from the skin of a chamois goat. These cloths are often used for drying and polishing surfaces, such as cars and windows. Chamois cloths are also good at removing water spots and stains. Additionally, they can be used for polishing wood furniture, cleaning and polishing jewellery, buffing leather shoes, and cleaning and polishing tools and kitchen appliances.

Floor & Window Cloths

These cloths are super absorbent and are great for removing stubborn stains from the floor or windows. They are also soft and gentle enough to not scratch windows or floors, making them great for cleaning and leaving surfaces in a better shape than before.

Non Woven Cloths

Non-woven cloths are made from fibres that are not woven together, but instead bonded using heating, pressure or adhesives. They are very popular within the food service industry. Designed to be absorbent and often used with a disinfectant spray, they can clean a range of surfaces both in the kitchen and out of the kitchen.

Stockinette Roll

Stockinette rolls are perfect for general cleaning tasks. It is very absorbent and used to apply wax polishes, water based and spirit based stains for floors and other wooden surfaces, and for buffing wax. It can be cut to the desired length when supplied in roll form. It is also available in colour-coded colours to match general cleaning guides and colours.

Traditional Cloths

Traditional cleaning cloths can be used for almost any kind of cleaning, from wiping to dusting. They can be used to clean countertops, floors, furniture and appliances, and to dust and polish surfaces. They are also absorbent and can pick up dirt and dust easily.

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