Having the right mop makes all the difference when it comes to cleaning. Different mops best suit different purposes and cleaning tasks, and here at Cooksmill we have all the mops you could ever need, with a majority available in different colours to follow the general cleaning colour code. The general code is as follows. Red is for high-risk areas, such as washrooms and toilets. Yellow is for the kitchen and other food preparation areas. Green is for public areas. Blue is for areas that are low-risk where the threat of bacterial contamination is small.

Basic Socket Mops

A basic socket mop is a type of mop that has a round head, attached to a long handle. These mops can be made of cotton or microfibre, and are easy to clean and incredibly versatile. They can also cover a large amount of space in a short time, making them great for professional cleaners, and cleaning around busy areas such as schools, hospitals and public places.

Excel Twine Mops

Excel twine mops are types of mops made from twine yarn attached to a long handle. The twine is made from thinner yarn which is more resistant to abrasions and suitable for tougher surfaces and floors. Twine yarn is also very absorbent, making it ideal for cleaning up spills and messes.

Hygiemix Socket Mops

Hygiemix socket is a type of mop head that attaches quickly to the handle of the mop, making it easy to remove and replace the mop head when necessary. This is ideal for areas where the mop head might be cleaning higher-risk areas, as it ensures the mop is always clean. Hygiemix socket mops are more hygienic and help to stop the spread of germs, making them a great cleaning tool in hospitals and schools.

Kentucky Mops

Kentucky mops are made with a cotton mop head that is attached to a long handle. Often the mop head is made with a looped design, and uses absorbent cotton, making it great for cleaning large surface areas. Kentucky mops are often used in commercial settings such as schools, hospitals and restaurants, thanks to their absorbency and large surface area.

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