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Hygiene Deck Scrubs

Deck scrub brushes are a must for locations that have outdoor seating, or outdoor patios. They have stiff bristles that can remove dirt, grime, algae and other unwanted dirt from these surfaces. These brushes are designed for outdoor surfaces, therefore are more abrasive and tough than indoor brushes, and should not be used on delicate floors, or floors likely to scratch easily.

We have a range of brushes for outdoor purposes. We also sell these washable deck scrub brushes in different colours that follow the general colour code for cleaning products, for establishments that need specific brushes to follow certain guides. Red brushes should be used in high-risk areas, such as toilets and washrooms. Yellow should be used for the kitchen and other food prep areas. Green should be used for public areas. Blue should be used for low-risk areas, where there is less of a risk of bacterial contamination. Having outdoor brushes aligned to this colour-coded system ensures that there is a limited risk of bacteria or cross-contamination for you and your guests.

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SYR Deck Brush Interchange in Blue

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