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Basic Wringer Mop Bucket on Wheels

The Cooksmill basic wringer mop bucket on wheels comes in a choice of four colours. Colour coded cleaning helps to prevent unwanted cross contamination from food preparation areas, public areas and toilet areas. Using separate mops and buckets for different tasks helps to prevent food poisoning and ensures a safe, clean environment for everyone.

Wheeled mop buckets come with four sturdy castors which make moving the bucket easy. No more straining your back carrying heavy buckets. It also prevents water spillages from the bucket which can be a hazard themselves.

The mop wringer is operated by an easy pull handle. There is a dirt trap and sump which helps to trap any debris and dirt away from the clean water. Inside the bucket is a removable divider. This means should you wish you can divide the bucket to have clean water on one side and dirt water from the wringer separated onto the other side.

Although different business might have different procedures there is a universally accepted colour coding chart.

  • Blue is used for low risk areas such as offices and receptions.
  • Green is used for the general dining and bar area.
  • Red is for washrooms and toilets.
  • Yellow is for the kitchen and food preparation areas.

All Cooksmill’s basic mop buckets can be seen 6 days a week in our Manchester store or bought online. Online orders over £60 have free fast courier delivery.

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