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Beautiful Cake Stands for Every Occasion

Beautiful Cake Stands for Every Occasion
By Angie Hardwick 1 years ago 1713 Views No comments

Why are cake stands such a key part of special occasions? Surely it's the cake that counts most for your customers? This isn't entirely correct: cake stands make a huge difference to how the cake is perceived and received. Let's have a look at exactly why they matter so much.

Presentation is Important

Cake stands and displays are the perfect touch to any beautifully made cakes, designed to tempt customers into buying, or they can make a great place for enthusiastic home bakers to store and show off their baked goods to visitors.

If you’ve ever been in cake shop such as Cake Away, you’ll know how tempting the cakes look on show, but sealed away in a transparent cabinet to keep them fresh and free from germs, each one displayed on a stylish cake plate.

When entering a cake shop, it can be difficult to choose just one when several varieties are displayed on a two or three-tiered plate. Not only does this show of the range of cakes available, but it’s an excellent space-saver in small shops or for creating space to display even more goodies.

The Increasing Popularity of Afternoon Tea

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There is certainly a rise in the popularity of afternoon tea, with many cafes and hotels offering this and experience vouchers available to buy as a gift for a loved one.

Tiered stands are popular here too. Customers could be served the same selection of cakes on a plate, but the experience of having them brought to the table on a stylish multi-tiered stand adds to the overall experience. The feeling of being served something special makes it easier to charge more than if they were simply buying a cake on a dessert plate. It might not be something that your customers do regularly, so making an already delicious looking selection of cakes look even more tempting helps to warrant the higher price tag.

Cafes, Sandwich Shops and Pubs

While cafes, sandwich shops, pubs and anywhere else selling cakes may be cheaper than afternoon tea, how cakes are stored can have an impact on how customers perceive that business and their experience of treating themselves, compared to purchasing from a high-street bakery chain or a supermarket.

Cheap products from bakery chains tend to be stored behind a counter on a tray or rack, suggesting more of an everyday treat, while supermarket products are cramped together in a small box or bag, tending to suggest the same everyday no-frills experience. With many people trying to cut back on unnecessary spending, non-essential treats need to offer something special which cheaper options don’t.

For example: if a business is selling cupcakes, they will always look better on a tiered stand than crowded together on a plate. Doughnuts fit nicely in a covered case and look more tempting as a result of being covered up, rather than the sugar-coating attracting flies during the summer months. Footed plates with a glass cover also allow cakes to be displayed while keeping covered. The stand adds to the presentation as well. The products may contain the same or similar ingredients and probably taste the same too, but most people judge food with their eyes and so appearance is everything.

Owners of a food establishment may not be able to transform their business due to money or other reasons, such as planning permission, but they can improve how their products look on display, possibly enough to justify charging a little more than somewhere which doesn’t present their baked goods so well.

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Catering Events

Some businesses make money from catering, in addition to selling from a shop: again, presentation can add to the cost. If a cake is ordered for a wedding, then the right cake stand can add to the amount charged. The same goes for other parties and celebrations in which cakes are on show. Including the hire of cake stands and displays added to the overall cost of food provided, bringing in more money for those in the food industry at a time when customers are making cutbacks.

Social Media

Appearance doesn’t stop at how the finished product looks in a café, restaurant or pub. Many businesses like to showcase their products on social media, to entice their potential customers out of their homes and into their premises. This makes sense because if people aren’t thinking about going out for a sweet or a savoury snack, they will never see how nicely presented they are.

Cake stands and counter-top displays can be seen as an investment by any business selling cakes or bakery products. When you buy them from us, you know you’re getting the best value and quality.

People tend to spend time scrolling through social media and that’s where images of mouth-watering treats will get their attention. A cake on a Creative Table Banquet Footed Cake Plate, or a selection of treats on a Round 3 Tier Slate Stand will always look more appetising, than displaying them on a regular plate or in a cake tin. You can purchase these items and more from us.


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