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Parry Chip Scuttles

Parry's chip scuttles are the perfect solution for restaurants, takeaways, and other catering companies that require a reliable and efficient way to keep their chips hot and crispy. These scuttles are designed specifically for the food service industry, providing a practical and cost-effective solution for serving delicious hot chips.

The Parry 1925 chip scuttle is easy to operate with simple dial controls for holding chips or other fried foods for up to 20 minutes at ideal ready to serve temperature. The perforated base of the scuttle helps drain away fats and oils to keep the chips crisp and dry for the customer.

The scuttle is ideal for cafes, bars or kiosks that want to cook and store fried food without loose of quality. Manufactured from high grade stainless steel and made in Britain the scuttle features a folding hinged lid and simmerstat control.

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Parry 1925 Electric Chip Scuttle

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