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Fimar Veg Preparation

Vegetable preparation machines are cutting-edge, essential tools for any professional kitchen that wants to improve on speed, efficiency, and consistency in food preparation. These machines, also known as food processors or vegetable cutters, are designed to streamline the cutting, slicing, dicing, and shredding of vegetables and other food products, reducing the need for manual labour and increasing efficiency.

The Fimar veg preparation machines have been designed with safety for the user in mind, with safety switches on the handle, mouth and collection chamber of the machine. They can process a large range of products including grating cheese, dry bread, chocolate, nuts, shredding carrots, celery, potatoes, apples, turnips, beetroots and mozzarella and cutting and slicing a large range of fruit and vegetables.

Fimar was founded in 1979, Fimar has a long history of designing and manufacturing food processing machines. Fimar products would work well for the needs of restaurants, butchers, bars, canteens, schools, and other professional kitchens that find themselves preparing large amounts of food, or that need specialising and hard-wearing machinery.

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