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Sammic Stick Blenders

Sammic offer a complete range of professional stick blenders which enable food processing up to 200 litre capacity. The versatile range includes blenders and whisks with attached and detachable arms.

The liquidisers or blender arms are suitable for pureeing or preparing creams and all sorts of sauces. They can be used to make soup, tomato sauce, butter cream, gravy, stocks or any other liquids smooth.

The beater arms are used for whipping different ingredients. Examples include whipping cream, preparing meringue, mayonnaise, pancake batter or souffles.

Sammic BM-270 and BM-350 Hand Mixers

The hand mixers have a variable speed motor to mixer foods at different speeds. The BM-270 model is designed to be used in bowls up to 15 litres where the BM-350 model can be used in bowls up to 60 litres.

Sammic TR-350 and TR/BM-350

These motor blocks don’t come with an arm, you can decide which attachment is best, or maybe you have an arm already. The TR model can only be used with blender arms and the TR/BM model can have either a blender or a mixer arm.

Sammic TR-270 Stick Blender

The TR-270 is a compact stick blender designed for use in up to 15 litre bowls. It comes with a fixed arm and one speed.

Sammic TR-350BN and TR-350BL

The 350 range of stick blenders are medium duty stick blenders designed for continuous use in up to 70 litres bowls. The TR-350BN has a 42cm arm which can blend up to 60 litres and the TR-350BL has a 50cm arm which can blend up to 70 litres.

Sammic TR-550BL and TR-550BXL

The 550 range are a superior range of stick blenders designed for use in bowls up to 150 litres. The TR-550BL has a 50cm arm and the TR-550BXL has a 58cm which allows the used to use deeper bowls.

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