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Efficiency and Quality

Every mincer in our Sammic collection has been thoughtfully selected to fulfil the dynamic needs of your professional kitchen or home-based culinary needs. Known for their efficiency and dependability, our Sammic mincers provide seamless food preparation, be it for mincing meat, vegetables, or even making pasta. 

Durable Design for Reliable Performance

Each mincer in our assortment has been specifically engineered to have a long-lasting construction and practical design. Whether you're managing a commercial kitchen or a home-based culinary venture, our Sammic mincers give you consistently excellent performance, enhancing the speed and versatility of your food preparation process.

Superior Craftsmanship for Continued Use

Constructed from high-quality materials, our mincers offer robust durability, exceptional performance, and simplified maintenance. Their innovative design ensures that food is minced evenly and efficiently, while their removable and easy-to-clean components uphold the hygiene standards of your kitchen.

Versatility for All Your Mincing Needs

Our range spans a broad spectrum of sizes and capabilities. From compact mincers perfect for small batches to larger, electric models designed for high-volume mincing tasks, our collection caters to every culinary need and preference.

Elevate Your Culinary Creations

Our Sammic mincers unlock new culinary possibilities in any kitchen. No matter the scale or complexity of your cooking endeavours, we have the perfect mincer to elevate your food preparation process.

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Sammic PS-22 Meat Mincer 280kg

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