This exceptional collection of Prodis glasswashers has been crafted with quality and precision. They deliver impeccable cleaning results, exceptional efficiency, and consistent performance for bars, restaurants, and hospitality establishments.

Our Prodis glasswashers incorporate cutting-edge cleaning technology to ensure sparkling clean glassware. Equipped with powerful wash pumps, precision spray arms, and strategically positioned jets, these glasswashers effectively remove dirt, grime, and residue, providing pristine glassware with every wash cycle.

The precise water distribution and efficient washing systems ensure thorough coverage and effective removal of stains and impurities, leaving your glassware spotless and crystal clear. Elevate the presentation of your beverages with flawlessly cleaned glasses.

Prodis Glasswashers offer versatile washing programs that cater to different glassware types and cleanliness requirements. From gentle wash cycles for delicate glassware to intensive wash options for heavily soiled items, these glasswashers provide flexibility and customisation to meet your specific cleaning needs.

Built with robust materials, these Prodis glasswashers are engineered for durability and long-lasting performance. The sturdy construction ensures stability and reliability, making them suitable for high-volume operations.

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