Knife Care

All knives need proper care and attention for them to work to their full potential. Follow these simple dos and don’ts to keep your knife in tip top condition:

Knife Dos!

Wash and dry the blade after use

Acidic juices left on the blade could corrode the metal. Wash your knife with warm water, detergent and a soft sponge. Tap water contains minerals that will sit on your blade if you don’t dry it off with a tea towel; this could result in staining.

Keep your knife sharp

A sharp knife will perform better and be more enjoyable to use; a dull blade requires more force to cut through food and is more likely to slip, which could cause injury. It’s easier to regularly sharpen your knife rather than wait till it’s blunt.

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Use a cutting board

Wood or bamboo boards are best. Cutting against the wrong surface can cause your knife to become dull. A knife with a dull blide is more likely to slip off food rather than cut through it!

Knife Don’ts!

Wash your knife in the dishwasher

High temperatures, detergents and knocking against other utensils will make your blade dull more quickly.

Wooden knife units which fit inside drawers are a very good storage solution. They will hold virtually any knife and keep it safely out of sight whilst offering good protection to the blade. Your kitchen drawers can always be fitted with locks for extra security.

If you have no alternative to keeping your knives loose in a kitchen drawer, magnetic sheaths are available which clip over the blade of the knife to keep it from harm.

Store your knives in a drawer

Every time you open and close it, the utensils will knock against each other, which will damage your knife’s blade! Keeping knives in a block or on a magnetic strip offers more protection.

Use your knife for something it’s not meant for.

Not only will you damage your knife, but you’ll also end up with poorly chopped food!

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