Kilner Jars have a great reputation for producing quality jars, glass bottles and cocktail glasses. Established in the 1840's Kilner is an iconic British brand, trusted for superior product quality in use with preserves and pickling fruit and vegetables. The pressure seal and timeless design make Kilner stand out as one of our most popular brands of glassware.

Kilner Jars are perfect for cocktails!

If you are looking for a quirky way to serve your drinks or cocktails, why not try the Kilner handled jar, available in numerous colours and perfect for the summer!

Keep your food fresh with a clip top Kilner Jar

Kilner jars are perfect for storing foods such as pasts, jams, cereals, flour, sugar and much more. Kilner jars are also easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Despite being invented in Yorkshire over 170 years ago, the infamous Kilner Jar remains a popular household name across Britain. The airtight storage containers aren’t just for Grandmother’s making homemade jams, they’re an essential in everyone’s kitchen and their uses extend across the home.

The History of Kilner Jars

Invented in 1842 by glass bottle makers, John Kilner & Co, the Kilner Jar continued to be made in Yorkshire until 1937 when the business declared bankruptcy and its patent rights were bought by the United Glass Bottle Company. The rights were then sold on to The Rayware Group in 2000, who continue to develop new styles of the original Kilner Jar to keep up with modern trends and consumer demands.

Kilner Jars are a great Storage Solution

The tightly sealed jars provide an effective storage solution for all foods, including pasta, flour, sugar, rice, cereals, tea bags, coffee, jam and much more. From the beginning of the Kilner Jar in the 1800’s through to the present day, the importance of preserving foods in a safe way is still supported by the wide range of Kilner Jars for sale. The traditional round clip top jars, with the orange rubber seal, remain a Kitchen staple for storing dry ingredients, while the vintage hexagonal jars, with cute gingham lids, continue to be the perfect way to preserve homemade jams.  

Serving in Style

Despite being most popular as an ingredient container, Kilner Jars are now providing a brand new way to serve your finished products in a stylish, yet practical, way. From everyday meals to summer garden parties, there is a jar to suit your requirements in the extensive range. The large 2 litre Kilner jar is a great way to store and serve cookies, sweets, and chocolate. We love serving cocktails, smoothies, fizzy drinks and more in the trendy handled jars, available in other fun colours. Small Kilner jars, such as the 370ml round twist top jar, are also perfect for serving jelly, fruit salads and other desserts.

Kilner Jars make Great Gifts

Filling a Kilner jar with the exact measurements of ingredients to make a batch of cookies or cupcakes, decorated with a ribbon and gift tag, makes the perfect gift for loved ones. Or go a step further, by putting a broken up sponge cake into a jar, with jam and cream (or chocolate, depending on the cake) for a unique (and transportable) birthday cake! Put all your friends favourite things into a Kilner Jar for a thoughtful gift - also great for university students leaving home.

Not just for food

Kilner Jars aren’t just great for food storage, serving and gift presentations - they also make beautiful home decor pieces. For a pretty light feature, trail fairy lights into a large jar, or for prettier storage of pens, utensils, hair accessories, makeup brushes and more, the 0.5l preserve jar is the perfect, affordable solution.

From just 80p, the super affordable Kilner Jars are flexible and versatile in their uses. With more and more new ideas being introduced all the time of how to use these traditional jars, we are sure you’ll find something you need in our range.

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