(Dateline: BRADFORD, December 2022) Cooksmill, recognised by the trade as the leading supplier of catering & kitchen equipment in the UK, is expanding its cookware line. Designed and developed with professional chefs and kitchens in mind, the new products join Cooksmill’s existing range of cookware to further round out their brand. The pots and pans from this new launch are now available to purchase on their website.


Muhammed Dadibhais, Managing Director said: “We are proud to be supplying low-cost, stainless steel cookware that’s capable of working on newer induction hobs that are more energy efficient in these trying times.”


The launch includes:

  • Frying Pans, Non-Stick and Regular (£17.40 - £42.60). Cooksmills’ professional, stainless steel frying pans are great for whatever chefs want to fry or cook. Cooksmill has both non-stick and regular frying pans and having one of each is recommended for busy kitchens that find themselves frying a range of dishes, from eggs to fish.
  • Casserole Pans (£22.99 - £293.99). Cooksmill’s casserole pans are great for kitchens that regularly cook large batches of food. Cookmill carries a range of sizes, from 3 litres to 113 litres. Cooksmill also supplies a lid with every pan, which is a great value for money.
  • Stock Pots (£77.99 - £238.79). Cooksmill’s stock pots come with strong riveted handles, which means they can be confidentially carried around the kitchen, even when they’re full. They are also supplied with a matching lid.
  • Saucepans (£23.99 - £46.79). Cooksmill’s saucepans come with lids, making them a great value for money. The lids allow for the sauces to warm quickly while redistributing the heat inside the pan, cooking the sauce thoroughly without risk of burning.
  • Sauteuse Pan (£16.20 - £30.60). Cooksmills’ Sauteuse pans allow for a large liquid capacity, making them great for slow roasting. Sauteuse pans are ideal for chilli, soups and noodle dishes as all elements of the dish can cook thoroughly, while extracting the most flavour and reducing the risk of burning the food.

About Cooksmill:

At Cooksmill, we have established a reputation for industry excellence amongst hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, schools and colleges, for providing the largest range of commercial kitchen equipment and restaurant supplies, competitively priced and delivered with fast courier delivery. We are award-winning and open to both the trade and the public.


For more information, please visit cooksmill.co.uk and cooksmill.co.uk/blog/cooksmill-professional-stainless-steel-cookware.

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