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Low Density Plastic Chopping Boards

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Without hygienic plastic chopping boards, no kitchen could run efficiently. Low density chopping boards are an integral part of any kitchen set-up and these plastic boards are especially popular in small commercial kitchens, cafes and homes. Low density boards are more hygienic than wooden alternatives and help a kitchen live up to the hygienic standards expected. Low density chopping boards are most suitable for small kitchens and within light use prep areas. They’re thinner than high density boards, with thicknesses between 0.5 to 1 inch. This means they’re easier to handle and store.

Low density chopping boards are available in blue, brown, green, red, white and yellow. These differing colour options mean that you can use different boards for different foods. For instance, green is generally used for salad in professional kitchens, while blue chopping boards are used for raw fish only. These FSA guidelines are almost universally accepted, meaning that all kitchen workers know which chopping boards are used for each food group. Colour coded chopping boards help reduce the risk of cross food contamination, allowing your kitchen to meet and surpass food hygiene practices. Although they can be washed within a commercial dishwasher, it’s recommended that you air dry low density chopping boards to maintain their hygienic integrity.

Items 1 to 11 of 11 total