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Colour Coded Chef Knives

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Cooksmill’s range of colour coded chef knives are an essential in any commercial kitchen. Commercial chefs’ knives have coloured handles to indicated which knife should be used for which type of food.

  • Blue is for raw fish
  • Brown is for root vegetables
  • Green is for fruit and salad
  • Red is for raw meat
  • White is for bakery and dairy
  • Yellow is for cooked meats

Coloured handled kitchen knives where primarily designed to prevent cross contamination and therefore food poisoning. Using a red knife to portion raw chicken and a yellow knife to slice it once cooked prevents any harmful bacteria coming into contact with the cooked meat.

People with food allergies are also helped with colour coded kitchen knives. A person with a dairy intolerance can’t have their salad prepared with a knife that has been used previously to cut cheese. Using the right knife for the right task can save lives.

An additional consideration when opting for colour coded knives is the rising number of vegans as well as vegetarians. There has been a 185% rise in people choosing a Vegan diet. If you plan to include vegan or vegetarian options in your menu you must ensure all utensils are separated.

Cooksmill’s range of colour coded chef knives include serrated blades, paring knives, boning knives, and cooks’ knives with different blades lengths. The comprehensive range covers everything you will need in a commercial kitchen. We also offer a complete range of high density and low density chopping boards.

All our colour coded kitchen knives and chopping boards can be seen in our Manchester store 7 days a week or bought online. Online orders have free delivery on orders over £50 and next working day delivery for orders placed before 1pm.  

Items 1 to 36 of 40 total