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Mason Cash Mixing Bowls


Mason Cash mixing bowls are perfect for mixing large batches of cookies, pastries and loaves. These shallow designed mixing bowls are perfect for kneading dough whilst the patterned exterior helps grip the bowl. These mixing bowls are must haves for all kitchens whether commercial or domestic.

Mason Cash mixing bowls feature a large lip, which allows the user to easily stretch cling film, greaseproof paper or muslin cloth over the top. These bowls are super sturdy and will stay stable as you beat, whip, knead and mix ingredients. Additionally, the outer design and lip also allows you to take a firm grip of the bowl during use, ensuring that the bowl does not slip or fall. All of the Mason Cash mixng bowls are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe meaning they are perfect for busy environments that demand practicality and speed.

Mason Cash Hearts Mixing Bowl - Size 12 29cm in Cream

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