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Our range of Sugar-paste and icing offers a number of different decoration options. Sugar-paste is a soft, pre-coloured and ready to roll icing which is perfect for use in both commercial and domestic kitchens. This Sugar-paste is a versatile and strong decoration that is ideal for covering celebration cakes and other baked items. Our luxury Sugar-paste is also fantastic for creating various designs for creative bakes. The Sugar-paste can easily be cut, shaped and wrapped around most shapes and sizes.

These product are also ready to roll straight away, making it a practical option for busy establishments where speed and efficiency is crucial. The ready to roll aspect, also caters to home bakers who want a super simple way of taking their creations to the next level. The Brush n Fine Edible Ink Pens bold colours are also ideal for adding colour to your edible creations and other bakes. The Brush n Fine Pens boast edible ink, which come in packs containing a spectrum of colours. These pens allow you to create intricate details and personal messages for edible medium such as sugarpaste/fondant, gumpaste, sugarsheets, dried royal icing, marzipan and more.

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