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Glass Dessert Bowls & Sundae Glasses

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Sundae Glasses Sell Your Desserts to Customers

Sundae glasses might be one area of your restaurant or catering business that you’re thinking of economising on. After all, aren’t they just glass dessert bowls that are more attractive than conventional bowls? The truth is that ice cream sundae glasses are more than just bowls for children to enjoy their ice cream in – they’re also a signal of what your business thinks of dessert and what you’re likely to be offering to customers. If you just spoon ice cream into an unattractive ice cream bowl, you’re sending out a sign that you don’t care about ice cream in your establishment – that could alienate customers.

Glass Sundae Dishes are Elegant

Many ice cream sundae glasses are designed with a flair that captures attention and adds to the experience of eating the ice cream. Whether you’re serving simple ice cream or more extravagant desserts, a tall ice cream sundae glasses could imply that this is an experience to be savoured. Adding a little bit of colour with our range of Multicoloured Sundae Spoons adds to the experience. Similarly, small glass dessert bowls might be more suited to establishments where desserts are expertly designed to suit a specific clientele.  Clear glass dessert bowls can add an elegant touch to your desserts.  Cut glass dessert bowls are not often used these days, but there are many other glass dessert bowls that are equally elegant.  

What sort of Glass Dessert Bowls should I buy?

The options for clear glass dessert bowls are numerous and limited only by your imagination and budget. Dessert glasses are a matter of personal preference.  Sometimes you might prefer a footed glass dessert bowl.  If you start your search by asking what your customers will think of your glass dessert bowls, you’ll be asking the right question.  Small glass bowls for desserts might be the perfect look for your restaurant, or you could select from various other styles of glass dessert serving bowls.

Specialist Glass Dessert Dishes

Glass dessert dishes cover a spectrum of glassware that serves different functions in different locations. For instance, if your restaurant is a specialist dessert location, it’s likely that you’ll make use of tall ice cream sundae glasses for extravagant ice cream experiences that satisfy children and other customers. Similarly, smaller glass bowls can be used for jellies and specialist pudding that are your restaurant’s signature dishes. Or how about using a large glass dessert bowl to offer 'To share' dessert options - a clear winner with couples enjoying a romantic end to their meal. Ultimately, whether you’re looking for basic sundae glasses or elegant glass dishes, the final choice will depend on your business’s needs and what your customers expect when they eat in your restaurant or ice cream outlet.

Items 1 to 36 of 77 total