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Napkins are designed to meet the needs of any busy restaurant, bar, café, or bar. Disposable quality paper napkins can be kept in napkin dispensers and conveniently disposed of after use. In our range we have something for everyone, whether you need small cocktail napkins, or larger lunch and dinner napkins, we will have the perfect paper napkins for your needs.

In our range we have white paper napkins as well as coloured paper napkins that will help bring your table settings to life. Eco-friendly napkins are also ideal for improving your eco credentials. All the napkins In this range can be used by customers to clean their hands, mouth or eating area in a quick and disposable way. Once a napkin has been used it can then be discarded and recycled. These napkins can also be used as a hand drying solution.

Items 1 to 36 of 53 total