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Food Serving & Cornware Biodegradables

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Our range of food servers and Cornware biodegradables is ideal for establishments that sell food to go. Throughout this collection you will find a number of different serving containers, grease proof paper, food stickers and pizza boxes.

Whether you own a takeaway, coffee shop or restaurant, our collection food serving containers will give your delicious food the containers it deserves. Our Cornware range is perfect for establishments who pride themselves on being as eco-friendly as possible and establishments just looking to boost their eco credentials.

Cornware’s range is made from Origo, which is an innovative material created using corn and yam. Corn and yam are first made into flour and starch. Together with polypropylene (PP), pallets are formed before it is made into Origo. a substantial percentage (70%) of corn and yam starch blended with PP (30%) forms the basis of material. 

Conware's ingenious material boasts some fantastic properties. Firstly, all of the range is 100% biodegradable whilst still being able to withstand temperatures of -20°C to 120°C. This resilience means that the utensil is both microwave proof and freeze-able. Additionally, their products are also carbon neutral up to 68% and releases 68% less carbon dioxide when incinerated.

Items 1 to 3 of 3 total

Food Serving & Cornware Biodegradables
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