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Insulated Disposable Cups

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Our collections of insulated cups offer superior heat insulation to keep your hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold. The insulation makes the cups perfect for use in coffee shops, cafés and fast food restaurants that serve hot and cold beverages for takeaway.

Whether you're serving coffee, tea or hot chocolate, our collection of insulated cups are easy to warm to. Within our range we offer a fantastic choice of different designs with a number of different size options. Ripple coffee cups offer an ergonomic grip feature which reduces the chance of spillage. Double walled coffee cups are also a great option when it comes to protecting the user’s hands during us.

In regards to disposable coffee cups, it is estimated that 500 billion are discarded to landfill every year. The UK accounts for around 2.5 billion of these, of which less than 0.25% are said to be recycled.

Our collection of insulated coffee cups offer a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic cups and are more widely recycled. Paper coffee cups are a fantastic way of distributing hot liquids in restaurants, coffee shops or takeaways. Their paper design means that once the cup has been used, it can easily be discarded and recycled.

Items 1 to 27 of 27 total