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Olympia Parish Pattern 18/0 Cutlery

Kings: The Kings style of Parish pattern cutlery is named after the famous Prince Regent and soon to be King George the IV. The 19th century king only ruled for 10 years but his extravagant lifestyle and contributions to both fashion and taste lead to this pattern been named after him. 

Harley: The doubled etched edge design of the Harley parish pattern cutlery is perfect for traditional dining rooms or modern restaurants looking for a retro style. The extremely popular style is decorative without being overly ornate giving it a classic look with the influence of art deco styling and straight lines.

Bead: One of the most popular designs of cutlery used in the UK the bead design of parish pattern cutlery is a firm favourite. The pattern of small neat beads within a fine border compliments any table without distracting from the food being served.

Dubarry: The Dubarry pattern of parish cutlery is influenced from furniture designer Thomas Chippendale. The decorative shape of the handles is reminiscent of the back of a Chippendale chair. Dubarry is a classic design which is a popular choice throughout the UK.

Jesmond: Jesmond pattern cutlery is influenced by French art deco with a simple elegant shape and scroll at the handle tips. The refined look of the Jesmond pattern was originally designed in 1925 and has been a popular choice since in elegant dinning rooms, restaurants and hotels.


Parish Pattern 18/0 Cutlery
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