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The Glamour range of cutlery by Viners has a hammered texture finish that creates a shimmering display of light. The knives, forks and spoons add an undeniable sense of glamour to any dinning table with it’s mirror finish. Made from 18/0 stainless steel they are rust resistant and dishwasher safe for continuous use in a commercial catering setting or home use.

Viners are one of the most recognised cutlery brands in the UK. Established in Sheffield in 1908 the company began making it’s first sets of cutlery after the first world war. They had a clear mandate for innovative design employing only the best designers.  Some of those early sets of cutlery are still in their portfolio today and can be found on dinning tables up and down the country.

Viner’s Glamour range is no exception to the rule of excellent design. Its mirror finish cutlery is known for its strength and durability. To give customers a complete dining experience every detail must be taken account of from the presentation of the food to the presentation of the place setting. The shimmering effect of the Glamour knives, forks and spoons add a sparkle that is sure to delight diners and make the dining experience that little bit more special.

The cutlery range has all the implements needed for a complete service. There are soup spoons for starters or light lunches. Table knives, forks and spoons offer all you need for the main course and dessert knife, forks and spoons allow you to serve any kind of sweet course from pavlova to fresh cake. Not forgetting hot drinks there is a Glamour tea spoon to add a sparkle to teas and coffees.

All the Viners Glamour range can be viewed 7 days a week in our Manchester store or bought online. Online orders placed before 1pm will be sent out on next day delivery plus there is free delivery on orders over £50.

Items 1 to 8 of 8 total