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Our range of butchers gloves contain a number of different options and styles that will cater to all needs. Within a busy kitchen, a sharp knife is an essential tool for any talented professional who spends their time chopping, slicing and cutting. A sharp knife improves speed and accuracy whilst completing various activities, but due to its sharpness it also increases the chance of injury.

To reduce the likelihood of an injury happening, our range of butcher’s gloves offer superior protection to help keep hands safe. The high-performance design means that our collection of butcher’s gloves are comfortable, lightweight and practical. The lightweight design means that whilst using the gloves for a long period of time, the user is less likely to become fatigued which could lead to mistakes. Additionally, the high-quality nature of our collection allows for superior flexibility whilst completing slightly more intricate tasks.

Within our range, we offer both high-quality metal and fibre designs. The high-quality Steel mesh design provides heavy-duty protection against sharp knives. Additionally, the mesh construction offers an almost weightless feel aiding in skilful handling. Lightweight mesh design allows for superior flexibility and dexterity whilst completing slightly more intricate tasks. Our fibre range boat stainless steel cores which makes the gloves strong, lightweight and practical.

Items 1 to 14 of 14 total