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Kilner Jar Gifts: 4 Thoughtful & Handmade Ideas

By Cooksmill 1 years ago 3411 Views

Sometimes, creative gift giving can be a nightmare. Read about 4 thoughtful and homemade Kilner jar gift ideas that won't break the bank! We've handpicked our top 4 ideas to help you create that perfect handmade gift! Read more...

Pickled Plums and Blackberry Jam - Great ways you use your Kilner Jars!

By Richard Hunter 3 years ago 5369 Views No comments

Now is the time for harvesting blackberries, plums, raspberries and more. Make the most of your fruit with these great recipes, which can be preserved in sterile, airtight Kilner jars, to maintain freshness.

​Kilner Jars: Classic Designs with Many Uses

By Richard Hunter 3 years ago 6787 Views No comments

Summer is here!

By Jamie Freiburg 3 years ago 3415 Views No comments

That’s right, we’re fast approaching the seasonal joys of of overly long school holidays, god-awful panama hats and dare I say…socks with sandals.

On the flipside, BBQs and some much promised sun. So it ain’t all bad.

At Cooksmill, we’re stocked and ready to cater to all your summer needs – grills for the ace barbecutionist in all of us, cocktail mixers for those garden parties and the uber-fashionable Kilner jars.