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Indian Restaurant Equipment Essentials

Indian Restaurant Equipment Essentials
By Cooksmill 1 years ago 7656 Views

There’s always time for an authentic Indian curry for food lovers. It’s recently been confirmed as the second most popular British takeaway food, and there are said to be more Indian restaurants housed within the boundaries of Greater London than in Mumbai and Delhi combined!

Love of Indian food is only one part of the puzzle. Whether customers eat in or takeaway, they’re looking for the authentic Indian experience, and that requires traditional Indian cookware to deliver scrumptious food and a dining experience that exceeds all expectations. With that in mind, here’s our list of Indian cooking essentials for any Indian restaurant.

Pressure Cookers

Speed can be the difference between happy customers and unhappy ones, so speed up the cooking of your rice or lentils with this vital piece of Indian cooking equipment. That leaves you to focus on the sumptuous curry dishes you’re creating.

Colour Coded Chopping Boards

Keeping your restaurant hygienic is the only way to stay in business, and colour coded chopping boards play a huge role in that. When you’re looking at Indian cooking essentials, the ability to know in a flash which chopping boards are suited for meat, vegetable and dairy will reduce any food safety issues.

Colour Coded Chef Knives

Sharp and effective knives are one of the most important tools when you’re compiling your Indian kitchen equipment list, and colour coded knives perform the same vital function as colour coded chopping boards in maintaining hygiene within your kitchen.

Stainless Steel Serving Dishes

As important as the food itself is the way it’s presented and delivered to customers. Visitors to Indian restaurants expect their dishes to be served in sparkling dishes, and stainless steel is an excellent option which keeps the dish hot, looks excellent and yet is still easy to clean afterwards.

Pickle Trays

Every sumptuous Indian meal begins with a delicious pickle tray, so every restaurant will need plenty of these trays as part of their Indian kitchen equipment list. Thanks to the variety available, you don’t have to be boring with your choices. Just like every piece of Indian cooking equipment and serving equipment, the right selection can help you stand out from your competitors.

Masala Dabba

Spice storage is critical to any Indian restaurant’s kitchen, so make sure your spices are safe and close at hand in a quality spice storage container. Having spices ground and ready for use in dishes is not only a time-saver, it also reduces the risk of mistakes as all you have to concentrate on is the cooking.

Tawa or Tava

Another key element of an authentic Indian restaurant experience is the specialist griddle for cooking chapatis and flat bread. Without this iconic piece of Indian cookware, curries will be missing a vital accompaniment, so ensure your restaurant has enough of these griddles to satisfy demand. There are flat options or curved versions for more traditional restaurants to use.

Handi Pots

Traditional Indian cookware can be found in many forms and these pots and serving dishes are commonly seen in Indian restaurants across the world. Thanks to their versatility, they’re part of the essential Indian kitchen equipment list – you’ll miss them if you don’t have enough of them on hand.

Cast Iron Sizzlers

There’s nothing quite like the sizzle of a freshly cooked meal as it’s delivered to your table. Cast iron sizzlers are a vital piece of Indian cookware for restaurants, enabling them to deliver sizzling hot food in an atmospheric way. Don’t leave your customers hankering for more dramatic food deliveries – add cast iron sizzlers to your Indian cooking essentials list right now.

Karahi Serving Dishes

Quality serving dishes ensure the dining experience not only lives up to expectations, but also exceeds them. Suitable for both cooking and serving, karahi dishes come in steel, copper and iron options with multiple sizes to cover all eventualities. As one of the most important Indian cooking essentials for authenticity and customer experience, choose your karahi dishes carefully.

Tandoor Ovens

These very hot traditional clay ovens perform a pivotal role in the Indian restaurant kitchen – they cook the breads and meats required to make the restaurant a success. There are both gas and charcoal options available when you’re looking at tandoor ovens, so ensure you choose the right piece of Indian cooking equipment for your commercial kitchen.

Frying Pans

Without quality frying pans, there won’t be any cooking in your well-stocked kitchen. Choosing the right Indian cookware is crucial, and frying pans are an excellent example of this. Non-stick and stainless steel ranges of Indian cooking equipment are available depending on your needs, meaning there’s always something to suit your restaurant’s cooking style.

Aluminium Cooking Pots

Cooking pots are another one of those Indian cooking essentials which can make or break your Indian restaurant. Ideally, you want durable Indian cookware that will survive the rigours of regular use in an Indian restaurant’s kitchen, so choose cooking pots that are appropriate for your business rather than simply the cheapest.

Indian Kitchen Utensils

No Indian kitchen equipment list is complete without the full range of cooking utensils including tongs, ladles and mesh spoons which all serve distinct purposes in busy kitchens. When you’re assembling your Indian cooking essentials, remember to cover all eventualities and purchase the full range of Indian kitchen utensils.

Chef’s Clothing

A quality restaurant needs a quality kitchen, and a quality kitchen needs staff to look the part. Keeping your restaurant hygienic is high on the list of your major tasks, so hit two objectives at the same time by providing hygienic clothing for your staff that helps them to look smart too.

Service and Clearing Trolleys

Once a meal is finished, the use of a service trolley is perfect to deliver all those empty dishes back to the kitchen. Trolleys are also an essential part of the Indian kitchen equipment list for helping to serve food too – if you’ve got a large group dining with you, you’ll be grateful for the wheels.

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