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May 2019

June Food and Drink Events

By Angie Hardwick 7 months ago 1138 Views No comments

The British summer starts here and if the forecasts are to be believed Britain is going to be having a 6 week heat wave. No one wants to be sat inside on a lovely day so it’s a great time for café and restaurant owners as people are out on the streets. Cooksmill bring you loads of great opportunities in this month’s food and drinks event guide.

Looking Inside Modern Bakeware, and the Efficiency Secrets it Holds

By Cooksmill 7 months ago 867 Views No comments

The technological advances that have transformed most business sectors have had little effect on commercial bakery enterprises and prolific cake makers. For them, traditional recipes, creative skills and use of quality ingredients are the linchpins of sales success.

Colour Coded Cleaning – What You Need to Know

By Cooksmill 7 months ago 5363 Views

Reduce cross-contamination and maintain best practise cleaning standards with colour coded cleaning. Learn how to train your staff and what colour should be used for each area within your catering business.